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TXT format is one of the oldest file types in existence with its origins dating back to the first computers. This kind of file, using a basic character set which contains letters, numbers and symbols, generally contains plain text and no any other formatting. Almost all applications that can handle text can open a .txt file, a feature supporting across all platforms and operating systems, for which TXT format remains popular in the long run and never be eliminated.

In comparison, PDF, a file format consisting of text, fonts, images and 2D vector graphics, developed by Adobe, can only be opened with certain applications. If you are looking for a way to convert your PDF files to TXT format, this post is written especially for you. The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert PDF to TXT format with a free yet powerful PDF tool.

PDFMate PDF Converter Free is a simple but useful PDF tool, integrating the functions of PDF Converter, PDF Combiner and PDF Splitter. Basically, it is able to convert PDF to Text, Word, HTML, EPUB, Image, SWF. Besides, it is able to merge multiple PDF files into a single one and extract pages from a PDF file. In addition, the program is a perfect password encoding tool to protect your PDF files for distributions.

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PDFMate PDF Converter Free

  • Convert PDF to Text, Word, EPUB, Image, HTML, SWF;
  • Merge PDF files with high speed and precision;
  • Combine and convert PDF files at fast speed;
  • Specify page range to extract pages from a PDF file;
  • Set password for opening, copying or editting PDF files.

PDFMate PDF Converter Free

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Tutorial: How to Convert PDF to TXT for Free

Now let’s explore how to apply the program to convert PDF to TXT format step by step.

Step 1: Add PDF File to the Program

Click button "Add PDF" on the upper left, upload the PDF file you want to convert to TXT to PDFMate PDF Converter Free. You can also simply drag & drop your target PDF file to the interface of the program.


Tips: If the PDF you uploaded is a scanned file, please go to the "Advanced Settings" on the upper right and turn "OCR" on to enable character recognition.

Step 2: Choose TXT as the Output Format and Set Output Path

Click on "Text" to choose it as the output format. And then you can set the output path by yourself on the bottom left. Click button “Output Folder” and then click icon “” to choose the folder that you want the converted TXT file to be saved in.

Note: If you choose “Save Target File(s) To Source Folder”, the converted TXT file will be saved in the same folder with your original PDF file.

Step 3: Convert PDF to TXT Format

Click button “Convert” and the PDF file you selected in Step 1 will soon be converted to TXT format and saved in the output folder you customized in Step 2.

Now you've successfully converted your PDF to TXT format and you can read or edit it more conveniently.

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