Frequently Asked Questions


1. Mac version of PDFMate PDF Tools


You can download our Mac version PDFMate PDF Converter from our website or Mac app store.

  • Download PDFMate PDF Converter for Mac from Mac App Store
  • PDF Converter Mac Download

2. It is annoying that I need to register the program every time when I open it.

Right click the program and choose "Run as administrator" to open PDFMate PDF Converter Pro.. Click the inverted triangle button on the upper right and choose Register... Through the drop down menu, there will be a registration popup dialog. You can input the license code. The registration dialogue box will not pop up in this case.

3. Are PDFMate PDF Tools compatible with Windows 10?

Yes. All the PDF tools of PDFMate are compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and Windows XP.

4. How to update PDFMate programs to the latest version? Is it free?

All updates are free. You can update your PDFmate programs whenever there is new version available.

To check if you are running the latest version, click the Help menu in the program interface, and then click "About" for New Versions.

To know the past versions of Free PDF Converter, please check version history here.

To know the past versions of Free PDF Merger, please check version history here.

5. What is the limitation of the trial version of PDFMate PDF Converter professional?

In the trial version of PDFMate PDF Converter professional, only the first three pages of each PDF file can be converted to Word(*.docx) document.

6. Do I have to update the program every time there is a new version?

We constantly make major or minor updates to PDFMate Free PDF softwares with improvements based on the feedback from our users like you. If you feel the current version you are using is OK, you can ignore the updates and continue to go with it. Downloading setup program of large file size could be time-consuming, anyway.

7. Cannot install PDFMate PDF Tools. Why?

First of all, please check if your computer system allows you to install PDFMate programs.

Second, check if the setup of PDFMate was mistakenly blocked by your anti-virus software. Turn off the anti-virus program during the installation process to have a try.

The last possible is that the setup file was broken during the downloading, you may download it once again from our website.

8. Convert PDF to Office documents:

So far, PDFMate PDF tools include Windows Free PDF Converter, PDF Converter Professional, Mac PDF Converter and Free PDF Merger. The professional and mac version of PDF Converters are able to convert PDF to Microsoft Office Word 2007 format; Free PDF Merger supports mergeing multiple PDF/images file to single PDF, encrypt and output PDF with flexible printing layout. .

In the near future, we would add lots of more fantastic functions, such as converting PDF to Excel and Powerpoint documents, and even direct editing PDF files.

9. I can't find the Convert button. It is below the taskbar.

Please set Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display back to standard 100% or 125% to have a try.

10. How to Break a PDF into Parts / Split Single PDF to Multiple Files?

Symbol "/" is the key to split single PDF to Multiple Files. For more details, please refer to Break a PDF into Parts or Split Single PDF to Multiple Files.

11. How to Extract and Merge PDF Pages?

Click the word “All” in the “Selected Pages” column. There will be an inverted triangle on the right. Click the inverted triangle and choose “Example: 1,3,5-9/12-16”. Input the pages or page range you want to extract.

Click button “OFF” on the top to open the Merger and then click "Merge" on the bottom right. For detailed tutorial, please refer to How to Extract and Merge PDF Pages.

12. How to Encrypt a PDF File with Password?

Click “Advanced Settings” on the upper right. There will be a pop-up window which allows you to set password for your target PDF file. For detailed tutorial, please refer to How to Password Protect a PDF File.

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